What is GREAT Customer Service?

Our GREAT Commitment to Service is based on the following criteria:

G - Greeting you promptly with a smile
Did this employee make you feel welcome (in person, over the phone, email, online)?

R - Responding to your request in a timely manner
Was your issue resolved in a reasonable amount of time?

E - Exceeding your expectations
Did the employee add additional value to your service experience?

A - Actively listening to understand your needs
Do you feel that the employee made an effort to fully understand your situation?

T - Thanking you!
Do you feel appreciated as a customer of Davenport University?

GREAT awards are given annually to faculty and staff who consistently exceed Davenport's GREAT expectations by going the extra mile to serve students and each other. You may nominate an employee for a GREAT award by submitting a service report below:

Submit a Service Report
DU is committed to the prompt and equitable resolution of all complaints and issues to the satisfaction of both the member of the University community and the University in accordance with the University’s policies and procedures.